More than 90% of newly released movies that appear illegally on the Internet and on the streets around the world originate from illegal copies being made in cinemas.

Movie theft is an illegal industry throughout the world and costs the film industry billions of dollars in lost revenue every year.

Movie thieves are often associated with criminal organisations and prioritise obtaining initial recordings of new release films within the first few days of its theatrical release.

These recordings are often uploaded to illegal video websites within hours of a movie premiere, triggering an avalanche of illegal downloads that can significantly impact a film's performance at the box office and throughout its distribution cycle.

Thieves also sell these unauthorised recordings to illegal DVD manufacturing labs which duplicate, package and prepare the films for sale on the black market.

Like every business, the motion picture industry relies on its profits to invest in future products. Movie theft results in fewer movies being financed, which means jobs are not created and local goods and services - such as tickets at your cinema - are not purchased.

Movie theft is not a victimless crime, and you are one of the victims. Long before movie theft affects Hollywood, it robs local businesses of their livelihood and the capacity to provide local employment. People who steal movies are stealing money from every cinema... and that means fewer jobs.

Cinema staff like you are the front line in the movie industry's war against movie theft.