Within each supply chain lie both underperforming contracts wasting money, and exceptional opportunities to multiply your profits.

We’re the experts at finding both.
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What makes us different?

MAD4 are not your average procurement service. We believe that a radically different approach produces the biggest impact for FM businesses looking to transform the profitability of their supply chain.


Short, high impact intervention

FM organisations don’t need another contract that can stretch on for months, providing unclear value. Our team rapidly assess your needs, and provide a short, high-impact intervention, delivering a clear set of outcomes in a defined time period, captured within a Statement-of-Work.


An agile, digital plug-and-play solution

Our remote working model, supported by a dedicated network allows a modern and flexible approach that produces results regardless of external events. We collaborate with your business securely by Microsoft Teams for an efficient service tailored to your needs, in which IR35 becomes irrelevant to our engagement.


Over 100 years of combined experience

We are uniquely positioned to deliver results for your business through our tried and tested model, in which you are supported by a team of highly-skilled experts. Rather than a rate-card approach, we are results led, meaning the best people for each stage of the project are utilised to provide exceptional value and pace, to get the job done within our agreed timeframe and budget.


At MAD4, we have built our careers collaborating with FM businesses like your own, and honing and perfecting a model that is designed with their needs at its heart, so we understand the challenges you face.

From inside a busy department, it can be difficult to objectively review the value of the contracts within your supply chain, and to fully comprehend the value they create for your business in today’s challenging world. We’re here to take that pressure off, and quickly solve these problems for you to get your profitability back on track.

What is getting in your way? We can help defeat your problems.

With resources at a premium, and pressure on departments like yours relentless firefighting, and a lack of data and clarity can present a significant challenge to your ability to lift the rocks to effectively assess the contribution from individual contracts, especially as new ones are being negotiated all the time.

MAD4 presents a simple and effective way to address these challenges, utilising our extensive experience to objectively review these contracts and report back on their value to your company, delivering improved profitability, and allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.

Delaying means value is at stake!

The value lost by not engaging now is massive. And this only increases as time passes. An uncontrolled supply chain presents an immediate risk which will lead to reputational, financial, and legal penalties.

When you work with MAD4, you are guaranteed significant value – our average customer sees an ROI of three times our costs within 12 months. In addition to rapidly increasing your profitability, our comprehensive processes identify and shut down supply chain risks, reducing the pressure within your business.


✓ Over 250 projects successfully delivered for FM companies

✓ Agile, plug and play solution

✓ COVID-proof digital collaboration

✓ Results-led approach

✓ Average ROI 3X our costs within 12 months

✓ Agreed outcomes delivered in a set time-frame

✓ Tried and tested approach delivered by our team of experts

✓ Customer needs at the heart of our recommendations

Why our clients love MAD4

The MAD4 Team were employed by ISS and worked in my area on driving assurance, compliance and delivering savings. They worked for me at ISS to delivered over £2m of financial savings over an 18 month period; the team worked collaboratively managing internal stakeholders and suppliers to ensure that the compliance levels improved and all activities were tracked and managed. The processes and methods adopted allowed the MAD4 team to deliver change at pace in a complex and challenging environment.

Mark Davis

Senior Procurement Lead, ISS